Pannónia Nyomda ⌇ the world of color...


Speed, quality, flexibility...
  • Printing up to size B2
  • Thick paper printing possibility up to 0.7 mm (0,0275 inches)
  • Automatic color management over the all process
  • Possibility to print small books (from A8 size)
  • Box making

We work with a Speedmaster 52 with 5 inking units, and a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74-8-P-C with 8 inking units (one-pass 4+4 color printing) with cylinder cooler unit, with a maximum printable area of 720 x 520 mm. These printing machines are considered to guarantee the highest quality nowadays. The structure of these machines enables them to print on thicker papers as well, a property which can be very convenient when printing covers, packaging materials, boxes, etc. Maximal paper thickness is 0,7 mm. Achieving a high quality is helped not only by the cooled cylinders, but by an automated process of inking load assured by the system - the load curves will be optimized in the prepress stages already. The facilities are perfect for small and medium volume, high quality print products carried out on B3 (size 520x360 mm), respectively B2, e.g. catalogs, brochures, annual reports, journals, periodicals, magazines, books, invitations, flyers. The Adast Romayor 314 B3 is a single color printing machine ideal for a low cost production of administrative forms, advertising, flyers, letterheads, etc. For larger format single color products we have an Adast Dominant 715 with printing up to size A2. This will also be the best choice for printing single color books as well.


Efficiency, precision...
  • Making small booklets (1 clip stiched, up to 6.5 x 6.5 cm in size)
  • Glued thin ridge publications (up to 1.5 mm thick)
  • Creating tabbed covers (6-page extra at no extra charge)
  • Automatic numbering
  • Calendar creation of up to 10,000 pcs / day

General bindery

Booklets will be finished on one of our three Theisen&Bonitz saddle-stitch machines, with folding, collating and serial number printing capability (10, 12 respectively. 15 stations). These machines allow a great size variability, however, the smallest booklet size is 65x65 mm. For book binding we rely on a Sulby-Minabinda system. Sheet folding with Heidelberg Stahlfolder (B2 sheetsize, 8 bag + 1 cutting unit).

Letterpress printing

Letterpress technology (die cutting, scoring, numbering) with Heidelberg Cylinder and Heidelberg Die Cutter up to max. B3 size.

Calendar binding

Wire binding with Rilecart R-500 semiautomatic calendar binding machine, with a maximum capacity of 10 000 pcs/day.


UV-Coating up to size B2.

Hot lamination

Hot lamination provides a more long-lasting and durable seal for your project, up to size of B2

CTP ▪ Image settings

More colors, better color accuracy...
  • Imaging size up to B3
  • Wide range of CTP plates
  • Punch on demand (Dominant, Bacher)
  • Digital imposition


The newest tehnology in the prepress workflow is assured by a Heidelberg Suprasetter CTP. The Computer-to-plate equipment allows higher precision, shorter turnaround time and provides a high level of flexibility in throughput, format, plate handling and punching. With its modular design the Heidelberg Suprasetter allows extreme flexibility, and the ability to manage not only Heidelberg plates, but third-party plate formats as well.


Imagesetting with Heidelberg Primesetter 74 (up to size B2, 760x750 mm) half-drum imagesetter equipments, with a maximum resolution of 3386 dpi. The Heidelberg Primesetter imagesetter is recognized as one of the most successful, which has all the advantages of this type of equipment. Due to its half-drum film arrangement, the imaging will be effectuated in a single stage, therefore film strain will be virtually eliminated. Accurate calibrated output, for the production of CMYK and spot colour separation film sets. Daily density and dot calibration tests ensure dot for dot output. We kindle inform that we accept only PostScript files set to Language Level 2.

Digital imposition

Imposition will be carried out with the Pages PostScript imposition software. Correct imposition minimizes printing time by maximizing the number of pages per impression, reducing cost of press time and materials. To achieve this, the printed sheet must be filled as fully as possible.

Color proofing system

We work with Epson Stylus Pro 4900 system. The system can be color calibrated to match other proofing systems, and a broad range of printing conditions. Epson UltraChrome HDR represents the latest generation of pigment ink technology. Now utilizing eleven colors - including an all-new Orange and Green - Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink produces the widest color gamut ever from an Epson Stylus Pro printer In addition to matching the CMYK and PANTONE color space of the target condition, the Agfa :Sherpa Digital Proofing System uses PANTONE and user defined libraries for spot color rendering. Max. printable area is up to 1,07 x 30 m.

DTP ▪ Scanning

A múltat a jövőbe menteni...
  • Graphic design
  • Scanning up to 11,000 dpi. resolution
  • Digitize analog filmplates
  • Digitize family photos

Scanning, image manipulation

Digital scanning with Heidelberg Tango drum scanners, and a Heidelberg NexScan F4100 flatbed scanner A high quality scan is a critical element in the creation of a digital fine art print. The Heidelberg Tango vertical drum scanner used by us is the finest scanner in the world. We can scan virtually any size film, color or B&W, transparency or negative. The Heidelberg Tango drum scanner combines a true optical resolution of over 10,000 dpi with a dynamic range of 4.2 to ensure that all the information contained on your film is captured in the scan, max. scannable area is 470x440. The Heidelberg Nextscan's scanning format is 315 x 457 mm. We undertake the archiving of Your analogue films, retouching, rebuilt of partly injured images.

Graphic design

The knowledge and experience of our collegues with typesetting and design gives you the assurance of unique, quality work done with reasonable timing and prices. We also supply prepress services including file conversion and imposition for offset and digital runs. We support both PC and Macintosh versions of popular design software packages.